The Leontiadi photography shop was founded in 1950 by Grigorios Leontiadis and it continues to provide its services to its customers until nowadays.

Grigorios Leontiadis began his career as a photographer in 1935 at the age of 19 years old, with only an old camera and black-and-white glass plates. His zest and his love for the art of the photography led him to open his own store and to be considered as a notable artist in the field.

His route in the art trails was continued by his son Giannis, who managed to become one of the most famous photographers in the city of Xanthi thanks to his love and zest that inherited from his father, his consistency and careful work. He updated his work by introducing new technology and thus nowadays we have passed from the darkroom to the digital image processing performed by the third person to continue the tradition, Giannis Leontiadis’s son, Grigoris, who with his studies links tradition with the modern photography technology.

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